Win Probability App Updated!

March 17, 2016

This afternoon I posted a major update to my in-game win probability app. I had been hosting it on a server that has been having issues, so I spent some time this weekend updating much of the underlying infrastructure of the app so that it runs better. An added perk is that the app will run faster because I’ve pre-calculated the second-by-second probabilities for every game from the 2007-2008 season until today. For future games it’ll take a couple seconds to load because the app scrapes the play-by-play from the NHL’s website, cleans the data, and calculates the probabilities. Going forward I plan to periodically update it with additional pre-calculated probabilities.

On a side note, as is very clear from the lack of posts over the last year, I’ve been working hard on trying to advance my political science research so that I can finish my PhD and hopefully get a job as a professor. The result has been that a lot of my sports research has fallen to the wayside. But fear not! I have endless sports-related projects (both big and small) that I plan to work on, so stay turned. If you’re interested in checking out my political science research, you should visit the research page on my personal website.